Hoist and Crane Hire

We are able to lift awkward furniture or items through upper story windows, balconies, or rooftops if necessary.

When items will simply not go through standard doorways or up standard stairwells, there is always the possibility that they may go over a balcony or through an upstairs window, with our hoists, we have the possibility to explore those options.

The benefits of using a hoist for your lifting needs help to minimize any damage to the internal building when trying to lift the items up stairwells or in lifts that may not be able to take the weight. This has proven to be a safe cost-effective method, with considerable savings in labour. This leads to there being less handling of the items, less manual labour, and less risk of injury.

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Our Hoist and Crane Hire service consists of:

● Window Access

● Balcony Access

● Terrace Access

● Roof Access

We continually review our service to ensure we adapt to our customers’ changing needs and we are fully committed to solving your access problems in a professional and friendly way.

We recognise that sometimes people are not always “moving from A to B”. Our Motto is ‘we move anything, anywhere, anytime’ and that is why we offer our “Lifting and Shifting” service. Heavy lifting, moving boxes, furniture, desks, fridges and washing machines… give us literally anything and we will move it!

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