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We are specialists in onsite and internal moving services. We are based in Fulham, London and operate our onsite and internal moving services throughout the UK.We offer Furniture Moving, Office & Retail Moving, Material Handling,Unloading and Loading service, Packing and Packaging as well as Clearance.

At Lift & Load London we pride ourselves on offering the most efficient and professional onsite and internal moving services for all of your moving requirements. We aim to ​provide the highest quality crew and equipment to suit all of your needs.​ Lift & Load London’s approach to onsite and internal moving, is to operate with safety in mind at all times. Our ethos is to always provide onsite and internal services with integrity.

Hoist Hire

When lifting, lowering or moving a load, a hoist is a useful device in making the job easier. Hoists come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each suited to different tasks and...

Moving Home | Some tips on how to go about it

Finding a new home may bring with it the promise of an exciting and fresh start. As moving day approaches, however, your high spirits may start to fade and be replaced by stress...

Awkward Access

In life, we are sometimes faced with obstacles, like moving an interestingly shaped sofa out of a tiny door frame and down heaps of stairs, or having to transport loads of boxes...

HIAB Hire | Give yourself that extra “lift”

Moving house in London can be a tricky situation, which may involve needing to move large household items through very small spaces. Questions like “How did we even get this sofa...

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