Furniture platform hoist, removal platform hoist and construction hoist hire. When items simply will not fit through standard doorways, corridors or up the stairways, there is always the possibility that we may go over a balcony or through an upstairs window.

With our hoist services, we are able to provide our external material lifting platform service for when large, heavy and awkward items need to be lifted in or out of buildings. Using our innovative furniture, removals, construction lifting services. We are able to lift furniture, building materials, roofing and solar materials, white goods and many other items through upper storey windows, balconies, terraces and even onto rooftops


Trying to move a sofa, large fridge, cabinet or a large bed up the stairs or through that narrow doorway? It’s far easier to use a furniture platform hoist to save time, money and effort. Our furniture hoists can also minimise the potential risk of damage to your valuable items and property.


Removals companies, boxes, furniture, gym equipment, single item moves, a few items or whole removals, we can assist your team with loading and unloading to the first, second or sixth floor. With our removal hoist services, it’s far easier to use our removal hoist platform to save time, money and effort, our removals hoist service can speed up your bookings and minimise the risk of damages to your customers valuable items and property.


Have difficulty moving building materials from one floor to another? With our construction hoist hire, you can save time, money and effort lifting building materials, roofing materials, solar materials, bricks, tiles and all other types of building materials from the ground level to residential roofs, office rooftops and balconies/terraces, we can even provide them on construction sites. It is more efficient to use our construction hoist platform service to increase health and safety and minimise the risk of personal inqury.

HIAB & Crane Hire

HIAB & crane lifting and transport services. We offer lorry mounted cranes, mini cranes and flatbed trailers for various lifting and transportation needs such as, basement access, lifting over walls, window access, and roof access for when heavy or awkward items are too large to move. Our HIAB
& crane lifting and transport service can assist you with all types of lifting and shifting. From an A to B transport service, to shipping containers, machinery, glass panels, works of art, marble & granite, hot tubs and more. It is more efficient to use our HIAB & crane services to increase health and safety and minimise the risk of personal inqury.


We can also provide: